Communication about Kinetico and Tratamientos de Aqua

Madrid, Spain (22nd January 2018) – We are pleased to welcome Tratamientos de agua VDF (TdA), also known as Ionfilter, and Puricom Europe, to join the Kinetico group. Kinetico has acquired 50% of the shares of TdA and agreed to continue in partnership with the founders Josep Maria Vellvé and José Antonio Fogued. This agreement guarantees the continuity of the business of TdA and provides its employees with continued growth opportunities, which has always been a key factor for the founders from the moment they began to consider transitioning ownership whilst guaranteeing the future of the company they founded in 1992.


Kinetico and TdA have known each other since 2009, when they began a commercial distribution partnership in Spain and Portugal. Both companies and their employees have built up a close relationship that shall now be reinforced further by jointly pursuing our common ambition: “Having attained the leading position in the residential water treatment distribution business in Spain, we knew that to fulfil our ongoing ambition to become one of the largest in Europe, we needed a partner”, states Josep Maria Vellvé, co-founder and CEO of TdA. According to Josep Dinares, General Manager, “We have known Kinetico, its people and ability to innovate for the last 8 years, and we firmly believe that combining our skills and human resources with its international network will make us a powerful force in the industry”.


Kinetico considers this investment to be a key part of our group strategy to increase our presence in Europe and to provide our channel partners and consumers in Europe and Asia a broad offer of water treatment solutions, emphasising the use of drinking water solutions in which TdA is a leader in Spain. “It will provide us all, both employees, existing and new clients, fascinating opportunities, and will allow us to continue to deliver on our passion to change lives through better water”, says Bernhard Scholten, President of Kinetico International.