Water Softeners

Keep your bathroom and kitchen looking as fantastic as the day they were bought.

Kinetico water softeners, brilliantly designed with unrivalled reliability

Have you ever bought something, tried it and now it’s become an essential part of your day to day life?
If you chat to our customers who now have a water softener, they’ll say it’s the one thing they literally cannot do without. Why?

Water touches every area of our lives.
We come into contact with it every single day. Washing clothes, washing ourselves, cooking, cleaning and of course drinking!

Many of us however, suffer with the detrimental effects of hard water on a daily basis;

  • Tight skin after washing
  • Scum on your tea
  • A bath that never bubbles
  • Limescale in the kettle
  • A grubby bathroom and kitchen
  • Furred up boiler
  • Inefficient heating system

Sound familiar? All are a consequence of hard water.

Whether you enjoy;

  • Gorgeous glossy hair
  • Plumped up skin
  • Money back in your pocket
  • Spending less time doing laborious cleaning

For all of these reasons, once you’ve tried a water softener we are sure you won’t ever want to give it up!

World-leading manufacturers of quality water systems, Kinetico has delivered life-changing water softening solutions to thousands of households for more than 40 years.
Brilliantly designed, unrivalled reliability, easy-to-use, easy to maintain and best of all Kinetico water softeners deliver the most luxuriously, soft water.

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How a water softener works

Kinetico’s water softeners use a process called ‘ion exchange’, to remove the elements which cause water to be hard – magnesium and calcium ions.

A Kinetico water softener contains a bed of ‘Food-grade’ resin beads that hold sodium ions. As the water passes through the softener, the resin beads attract and hold the magnesium and calcium ions and release the sodium ions, making the water soft.

What to look for when buying a water softener?

An ‘ion exchange’ is the only water softener treatment solution that removes calcium and magnesium (limescale) from your water permanently!
There are many ‘water solution’ treatments on the market, many of which do not remove the calcium and magnesium from the water, they simply alter the chemical balance of the water.

The unique design and functionality of the Kinetico 2020c softener makes it a superior product which will deliver you beautifully soft water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Features & Benefits of a 2020c water softener

Non-electric water softener: Nothing to plug in, no meters or timers to set and low running costs, using the kinetic energy from the flow of water to power the unit.

Twin-tank design: The resin beads in the cylinder tank need to be cleaned at regular intervals with salt to wash away the magnesium and calcium. When this is being done, the ‘water softening’ process switches to the other tank, ensuring you get softened water 24/7. In single-tank designs, hard water is let into the supply system flowing through your home while the cleaning or regeneration process takes place.

10 year parts warranty: With 40 years of experience in providing water solutions for the home, Kinetico water softeners are highly reliable and built to last. Testament to the 10 year warranty which comes with the 2020c and 2050c water softeners.

Kinetico Water Softener Range

Why choose Kinetico?

  1. World No.1 in water treatment
  2. Inventors of the non-electric, twin-tank water softener
  3. 40 years heritage in the industry
  4. Superior performance and warranty
  5. Largest dealer network in the UK

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Better water for all

We will make a donation to international water aid charity Just a Drop for every Kinetico water softener purchased.

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