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Water Filters

Kinetico isn’t just about soft water – we want to make your water taste better too. With our range of tap water filters, we can reduce the unwanted impurities in your drinking water. From our Essential system to our best-selling Aqua and K5 Pure water fi

Essential Essential

Kinetico's Essential Filtered Drinking Water will give you delicious-tasting filtered water on-tap.

  • Essential Drinking Water System

    Price: £139.00 Learn more >

Aqua Range Aqua Range

Our range of water filters delivering delicious-tasting water that is more cost effective than bottled water, on tap.

K5 Pure Range Pure Range

Premium filtration systems giving you ultra pure water on demand, with Reverse Osmosis technology.

Your Buying Guide

Advice to help you choose the right
water softener or filter


From saving money to the convenience of having filtered water on tap, discover the many benefits of a Kinetico water filter today!

A water softener or filtration system can offer homeowners peace of mind, but what do they actually do?

Discover the many ways a water softener can improve your home, your household costs and your health and wellbeing.

Why Choose Kinetico?
  • World No.1 in water treatment solutions

  • Inventors of the non-electric, twin-tank water softener

  • 45 years heritage in the industry

  • Superior performance and warranty

  • Largest dealer network in the UK

  • Good for the environment

What our
say about

“The Kinetico softener was everything I was hoping for. The limescale disappeared from the shower doors and taps and it's working really well. I’m very impressed to say the least.”

Dominic Littlewood, consumer affairs journalist

“The installation was hassle-free and fitted easily into the cupboard under the sink. You can use much less detergent and cleaning products to get the same amount of foam and cleaning power.”

Trisha Schofield, Good Housekeeping Institute

Just a Drop

For every Kinetico Water Softener sold, Kinetico makes a donation to just a drop.

Did you know...

Producing a litre bottle requires 3x the water that’s actually IN the bottle.