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Difference between a water softener and a hard water filter

While the UK has one of the best water supplies in the world, there’s no guarantee that householders won’t experience some problems.
Whether it’s a hard water issue with limescale or old pipes contaminating your drinking water, there are numerous ways your water supply can be affected.
Some you may not even know about…

A water softener or filtration system can offer homeowners peace of mind, but what do they actually do?

Filtered water on tap
How do water filters work?

Water filters can use a variety of water purification techniques to treat contamination and remove impurities such as lead and pesticides from your drinking water. The most common methods for removing pollutants include activated carbon, reverse osmosis and sediment filtration. The water filter system is normally fitted under your kitchen sink and purifies the water that comes out of your kitchen tap.

Depending on the type of filter, contaminants are trapped and then either removed through system cleansing or contained in a cartridge membrane that needs replacing after a certain period.

Householders who want the very best drinking water to remove contaminants like bacteria, pesticides, lead and chlorine from their water supply should opt for a water filter  system. This gives you the assurance that your drinking water is completely safe for the whole family to consume.

How do water softeners work?

Water softeners use the process of ion exchange to remove calcium and magnesium from hard water, preventing limescale damage in your home. Resin beads present in tanks attract these minerals, replacing them with sodium ions giving you soft water. The softener is connected at the point your water enters your home where your ‘stop cock’ is located. This is normally under your kitchen sink. Once water has been softened, it can then be funnelled throughout your entire home providing you with beautiful, limescale-free water.

Showering in soft water
Whole house solution
Choosing a System

Deciding whether to purchase a water softener or a filtration system depends on the problems you're having.

If your home is suffering from the effects of limescale, a water softener is the best solution. This ensures your bathroom and kitchen remain free of furry, chalky build-ups while your boiler and appliances can work normally and efficiently without fear of serious and costly breakdowns.

If chlorine is affecting the smell and taste of your water or if you’re worried about contaminants such as lead and pesticides affecting your family, a water filter is best. This way you know the water you’re drinking is a high-quality product, and completely safe for the whole family to drink.

Where possible, we would recommend a Whole Home Solution – that is a Kinetico softener and water filter working together to provide a combination of soft water throughout your home, and pure, filtered drinking water, straight from the tap.

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