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Water Softener Benefits

Very few homeowners realise just how hard water is affecting their lives until they install a water softener. Now they wake up in the morning with a limescale-free shower experience that leaves their skin soft and their body refreshed and clean.

They have cut down hugely on cleaning time by removing the causes of limescale and now enjoy spending more time relaxing with their family. They’re even experiencing reductions in their energy and shopping bills!

There are so many ways a water softener can improve your life - find out how today.

Did you know that we spend up to 10 days cleaning bathrooms per year? Discover how limescale is adding to your workload and hurting your home.

Looking after yourself should be a priority, but how can you unwind when hard water is drying out your skin and ruining your baths?

Very few householders realise just how much money hard water is costing them. See how much you could save with a water softener.

Discover Our Water Softeners

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With our range of twin-tank and single-tank, non-electric softener solutions, we will ensure that you find a softener that can cater for your needs and one that is right for you and your family.

Why Choose Kinetico ?

We’re the world’s leading water solutions provider for more than a few reasons.

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How hard is the water in my area ?

Use our tool to discover how hard the water is where you live, and what it could mean for you.

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The difference between a softener and filter

A water softener or filtration system can offer homeowners peace of mind, but what do they actually do?

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