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At Kinetico we have a passion for changing lives through better water treatment, that’s why we’re delighted to support Just a Drop – an international water aid charity that is very close to our business and our vision. It only takes a small amount of money to prevent the unnecessary loss of life that occurs every day in the developing world due to the lack of safe, clean water.

Just A Drop

For every water softener sold, Kinetico makes a donation to Just a Drop. Our pledge to Just a Drop is to raise £10,000 for one very special project in Zambia. A project which will provide fresh, clean drinking water to a community where clean water is scarce.


The project for a community in the Masaiti District of Zambia will provide a borehole and hygiene and sanitation training to the village which typically has around 140-300 villagers. Just a Drop will ensure the villagers have access to a local, clean and safe water supply as well as provide training and support on the importance of good hygiene practices.


Give the gift of clean water


Imagine sending a child out to walk four miles before school, to fetch water in a jerry can that weighs nearly 20kg when full. Picture her standing ankle deep in a stagnant pond, scooping up and then drinking the muddy water. Then consider that this water is guaranteed to make her sick with a life-threatening illness such as dysentery, diarrhoea or cholera.

This is the harsh reality for many families in some parts of the world. Consequently, a child dies every 20 seconds from a water-related disease.


Just a Drop is an international water aid charity with a very simple plan: to give people clean water. It was founded in 1998 by Fiona Jeffery OBE when she learned that just £1 could provide water to a child for 10 years. The main premise was that if people can be encouraged to give a little then collectively we can make a huge difference.


The charity provides clean water and sanitation facilities to some of the poorest communities around the world through the construction of wells, boreholes, pipelines, hand pumps and latrines, encourages the establishment of health, hygiene and sanitation training programmes. Operating with a handful of full-time staff and an army of volunteers, many of whom are retired military officers and water engineers with experience on global water development project. To date, has carried out over 150 projects across 31 countries, reaching an estimated 1.5 million people from Afghanistan to Zambia.