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Kinetico Testimonials and Reviews

“Compact and low maintenance, these water softeners are well worth the investment. Not only do they save you money because you use less detergent and shampoo but they stop the build-up of unsightly limescale. Testers also noticed their skin and hair was softer and smoother too. What’s not to like!.”
Verity Mann, Head of testing, Good Housekeeping Institute

“The installation was hassle-free and fitted easily into the cupboard under the sink. You can use much less detergent and cleaning products to get the same amount of foam and cleaning power.”
Trisha Schofield, Good Housekeeping Institute


“Dylan used to suffer very badly from eczema. It was so terrible he had to wear special suits 24 hours a day and his skin was raw by his constant scratching. Despite being prescribed many different creams by his GP nothing seemed to work.

After some online research, Dylan’s mother contacted Kinetico and had a water softener installed. The transformation was remarkable. Within a few weeks Dylan’s eczema dramatically improved - and eventually vanished."

Dylan Flanagan-Crawford, aged 3 years

"My son has had eczema since he was 4wks old and it was very severe. We had our softener installed and now he’s a different child. I know his symptoms have been helped by the soft water as we went without it for 2wks when we were flooded. His skin became dry, cracked sore and the itch so intense it was reliving the nightmare again. I don’t know why specialists don’t tell suffers about the benefits these devices can have. I’m actually ordering a brochure for a friend with psoriasis! Please use my info of testimony to others. It truly is a light at what can seem a very dark endless battle to win."

Miss K Ward, Worcestershire

“Having suffered with an irritating dry skin condition for years, it was often made worse by the summer heat and the hard water we have in Reading. I always looked forward going to Cornwall as bathing in soft water felt amazing there and made such a difference to my skin. The thought of going home to hard water though, I dreaded. A friend of mine had previously recommended a Kinetico. We got our local Dealer round to talk to us and it was an easy decision.

It’s even softer than the water in Cornwall and I quickly started to see the benefits in my skin. Bathing and showering is a pleasure, plus I need to use far less bathing products and moisturisers. It sounds dramatic, but I can already see how it’s going to change my life. ”

Paula Wild, Reading

“A friend of mine had a water softener and was evangelical about its benefits. Having to clean constantly, especially the bathrooms, was the initial reason I too had one installed. However, I also discovered that not only did soft water keep my bathroom looking pristine but my skin and hair felt different too. The water has a very silky feel about it and that’s how it leaves your skin and hair. I also have to use around half the shampoo and conditioner now.”

Jackie Herron, Liphook

“Softened water feels so luxurious to bathe in. It’s much creamier on your skin and is like the water you’d get in a spa hotel.”

Kinetico Customer, Independent Consumer Research 2016

& Hair"

“We are repeat Kinetico customers. They sent out their local installer to fit our softener and he did a brilliant job. Each time we’ve moved and had a softener I have used him to do the installation. He made it so easy."

Kinetico Customer, Independent Consumer Research 2016

“After originally moving to West Sussex into a house that had a big, clunky water softener already fitted, we got to experience the wonderful benefits of soft water. When we moved again, we knew we had to have one installed in our then new home.

We were amazed at how neat and compact a Kinetico 2020c water softener was – how easy it was to install and how neatly it fitted into their kitchen cupboard.”

Mr & Mrs Gore, Findon

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