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  1. Kinetico water softener can treat eczema
    If you are part of the 10% of Britons suffering from the daily struggles of eczema it can seem like a never ending battle, but it doesn't have to be. With these natural treatments you can alleviate the itching and help tame your dry skin.
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  2. Softened water from Kinetico Water softener

    We take a look at the technology behind Kinetico’s flag-ship premier compact water softener, how it removes the hard water minerals from your water supply and how it regenerates itself to provide your home with softened water 24/7.

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  3. Water softener savings in a piggy bank
    With these tips and tricks, you can reduce your water bill and cut down on daily costs: turn off taps, only boil the kettle once, fill up your washing machine and install a water softener.
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  4. Testing water sample for PFASs - Kinetico UK

    PFASs have been at the forefront of the UK's environmental, political and social discussions due to the long term health risks associated with their presence in human blood streams. With a water filter installed in your home, you can reduce the levels of PFASs drastically.

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  5. Glass of water - Kinetico.co.uk

    If you’ve noticed signs of hard water in your home, like the buildup of limescale on plumbing fixtures, soap scum on shower doors or difficulty producing a soapy lather, you may be wondering just how hard the water in your home is. And, if you need a Kinetico water softener.

    Why Does Guildford, in Surrey, Have Hard Water?

    Understanding why many households in Guildford and Surrey have water softeners starts by looking at the geological history of the area. We can then understand further what goes into our tap water.

    The southeast of England’s central geological units are chalk, greensands and clays. The chalk sits on top of earlier marine deposits of greensands and gault clay, and terrestrial deposits of the wealden sandstones and clays, all laid down during the 45 million years before the chalk.

    During the Cre

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  6. Using a Kinetico home water softener

    Overall, the UK is classified as having very hard water. Over 60% of us live in hard water areas, but what exactly is it? Hard water contains calcium and magnesium which can lead to the build up of limescale unless treated by a water softener.

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  7. Kenetico and Genus partnership
    We would like to announce the addition of Genus Water Limited into the umbrella of Kinetico Water Systems. With the merging of these two industry leaders, the future of commercial and residential water treatment systems in the UK looks bright.
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  8. Visit Kinetico at the Ideal Home Show on stand L241 on the 11th and 27th March 2022

    Live More Sustainably with Kinetico Water Systems”, but how can it be done?  

    As the Official Hydration Partners for the Ideal Home Show, Kinetico will take you on a water experience journey to discover how easy it is to live more sustainably! Making simple home modifications, such as filtered water on tap, limescale protection with a water softener, and ultimate endurance reusable bottles and coffee mugs all help the reduction of single-use plastic,

    Furthermore, we have five water refill stations located throughout the show, saving you money on bottled water!

    Kinetico at the Ideal Home Show

    Visit Kinetico's Water Experience Centre on stand L241 at the Ideal Home Show to discover how a water softener can make your home more sustainable through red

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  9. Take the stress out of buying bottled water
    The UK is currently going through a bottled water shortage, take away the stress with a Kinetico drinking water system.
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  10. A massive THANK YOU to all our customers!

    Here at Kinetico we truly believe in improving lives through better water and thanks to our family of dealers and you, our amazing customers we have done just that raising thousands of pounds to help support sustainable safe water, sanitation, and hygiene projects for communities around the world with Just a drop

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