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What Is Hard Water & What’s It Doing To My Home?

Think all water supplies are created equal? Think again. In the UK, 60% of us live in a hard water area, which means the H2O from our taps contains higher levels of compounds like magnesium and calcium than the rest of the country.

The most noticeable difference between hard and soft water is that it’s more difficult to create a lather with hard water, because of the way the compounds react with soap. What’s less obvious is the full extent to which hard water affects our homes and lives. From your boiler to your shopping bills; find out more about the effects of hard water below.

1.Utility room

Use 48% less detergent in your washing machine by installing a water softener.

Source: Arial
2.The bathroom

70kg – the typical amount of limescale that a family of four can generate in just one year. That’s approximately the same weight as a grown adult.

Source: ScaleGuard and BBC
3.The Loft

Up to £300 – the typical cost of boiler repairs, which you face paying when limescale from hard water builds up in your heat exchanger. That’s the price of over 350 avocados*

Reduce your carbon footprint by 4% over 15 years by running your boiler on soft water**

  • *Moneysupermarket & Tesco
  • **Water Quality Research Foundation / Battelle

Increase the life of frequently washed household items (like bed sheets, pillow cases and bath towels) by 20% – 40%, by softening your water.

Source: The Salt Association
5.The living room

Use 29% less energy by running your gas heater on soft water (21% less for electric heaters).

Source: New Mexico State University
6.The kitchen

Save up to £400* a year on your household shopping bills by installing a water softener*Based on an average family of four living in a hard water area

Keep your appliances A rated – maintain the efficiency of your appliances by preventing limescale build-up with a water softener**

Improve the lifespan of appliances like your washing machine and dishwasher by up to 3.3 years, by installing a water softener and avoiding hard water***

  • *Tesco
  • **Energy Saving Trust
  • **The Water Quality Association

If you live in one of the UK’s hard water areas, don’t fret. Water softeners can provide a simple and long-term solution to the problems associated with a hard water supply. Find out more and request a quote today.

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