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Trusted by over 1 million water
softener customers worldwide

The smarter approach to the water in your home

Trusted globally, experts locally.

Our highly trained technicians have expert knowledge of the water in Surrey. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Our dedicated local team are here to help you with any questions, installation, salt delivery and after care.

Why is hard water a problem?

As you live in a hard water area, you’re probably used to scrubbing limescale off your taps and removing it from your kettle. But did you realise that limescale can also build up in your appliances such as your boiler and washing machine, causing untold damage.

Hard Water Surrey

Clogged shower head

Hard Water Surrey

Flaky kettle

Hard Water Surrey

Crusty taps

Hard Water Surrey

Scaled appliances

The solution is a Kinetico Water Softener

Trusted by over 1 million customers worldwide, our twin-tank, non-electric water softeners give you a gleaming, limescale free home, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things you love.

The amazing benefits of soft water

Hard Water Surrey

Soft water benefits you and your family with softer, brighter towels and clothes, smoother skin and shinier hair. It also protects your home, by ensuring your appliances such as your boiler and washing machine won’t get clogged by limescale.

Plus, you can enjoy even more bubbles at bath time!

Hard Water Surrey

Why choose Kinetico?

We pride ourselves on delivering the best for our customers.

Hard Water Surrey

With over 50 years in the industry our knowledge, expertise, and experience in the water solutions market means Kinetico is a brand you can trust.

Hard Water Surrey

Our friendly support team are here when you need us, as we go above and beyond to offer outstanding service to our customers.

Hard Water Surrey

All our technicians are highly skilled and fully trained at our state of the art test centre. With our expert knowledge of the hard water in Surrey, we’ll ensure you get the best solution for your home.

Hard Water Surrey

Kinetico invented the non-electric, twin-tank water softener and it remains the best system available in the industry to this day!

What makes Kinetico water softeners different?

Hard Water Surrey

With our industry experience we are recognised as pioneers in water softener technology. Always striving to innovate, our Premier Water Softeners are now even more advanced, with new extra precision water hardness technology. Meaning our twin-tank, non-electric water softeners are the smarter approach to the water in your home.

Hard Water Surrey

Salt? We’ve got you covered...

Hard Water Surrey

For added peace of mind, we offer ongoing service and salt subscriptions, to make running your water softener hassle-free

Enjoy salt delivered to your door and save money too!

Hard Water Surrey

Some of our soft water happy customers...

Hard Water Surrey

“A friend of mine had a water softener and was evangelical about its benefits. Having to clean constantly, especially the bathrooms, was the initial reason I too had one installed.

However, I also discovered that not only did soft water keep my bathroom looking pristine but my skin and hair felt different too. The water has a very silky feel about it and that’s how it leaves your skin and hair.

I also have to use around half the shampoo and conditioner now.”

Jackie Herron

Hard Water Surrey

"My son has had eczema since he was 4 weeks old and it was very severe. We had our softener installed and now he’s a different child. I know his symptoms have been helped by the soft water as we went without it for 2 weeks when we were flooded. His skin became dry, cracked sore and the itch so intense it was reliving the nightmare again.

I don’t know why specialists don’t tell sufferers about the benefits these devices can have. I’m actually ordering a brochure for a friend with psoriasis! Please use my info of testimony to others. It truly is a light at what can seem a very dark endless battle to win."

Miss K Ward

Hard Water Surrey

“After moving to a house that had a big, clunky water softener already fitted, we got to experience the wonderful benefits of soft water. When we moved again, we knew we had to have one installed in our then new home.

We were amazed at how neat and compact a Kinetico water softener was – how easy it was to install and how neatly it fitted into our kitchen cupboard.”

Mr & Mrs Gore

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