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Commercial Water Treatment

Our commercial expertise extends across all business sectors

BUILDING SERVICES - Healthcare, Education, Retail, Arts & Leisure

PROCESS - Manufacturing, Industrial

We have a range of systems to suit any application.

Base Exchange Water Softening

Kinetico have a wide range of water softeners to suit all commercial/industrial needs. Our patented technology with twin tank design ensure 24/7 softened water. With metered and counter-current regeneration, you will see a reduction of up to 40% on salt use and 30% waste water, helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Kinetico’s commitment to excellence has been recognised with FULL WRAS accreditation on a number of its CP Range softeners.

KalGUARD – Electrolytic Scale Inhibitor

Kinetico are an authorised supplier, installer and commissioning agent for the Sentinel KalGUARD Electrolytic Scale Inhibitor. An independently proven, low maintenance package to protect a property against the damaging impact of limescale. The unit can be fitted inline on the incoming main, or local to the hot water generation, and the water stays potable.

Washing machines
Filtration Systems

Kinetico use the same patented technology as with our water softeners, to provide continuous filtered water. A variety of media can be configured with these systems, ranging from carbon for dechlorination, to Macrolite for iron and particulate removal. Kinetico also provide combination dual function systems, eliminating the need for separate arrangements.

Reverse Osmosis

Kinetico provide high purity water systems, ranging from commercial catering to pharmaceutical laboratories. Our tailored solutions meet ever demanding customer requirements, and with an expert team of engineers covering the UK, our commitment to servicing and maintenance is unrivalled.

Fine dining

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