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Commercial Customer Support

Kinetico offer a wide range of turnkey preventative maintenance plans, to ensure your water treatment system operates effectively to optimum levels.

Commercial Customer Support
Commercial Customer Support
Commercial Customer Support



Kinetico Services for Businesses

To complement our products we offer the following commercial and industrial water softeners additional services:



Using our own team of engineers, Kinetico install single water softeners through to custom engineered water treatment systems.


Following installation by others, a Kinetico engineer will visit site to perform final checks on the water treatment system before then placing it into operation. Our engineer will also provide any necessary user training.


Service packages are available and can be tailor made to customer requirements. We can also provide routine servicing for non-Kinetico products.

  Technical Advice

Our technical team are on hand to address any questions you may have on the operation of our equipment.


Kinetico stock a comprehensive range of spare parts and consumables. This typical 'off the shelf' policy allows for prompt despatch and delivery.


We supply tablet and block salt nationwide.

  Hypure Exchange

For customers who require smaller volumes of pure water, Hypure exchange cylinders are ideal. Once a system is installed, pure water is made from the customers tap and when cylinders are exhausted they are exchanged using our regeneration station facility.





FAQs (click to reveal)   How can I tell if I would benefit from Kinetico water treatment systems?

Many specific applications will simply demand a source of soft or pure water, but in general terms, if you notice scale on your machines or drains, if you have high levels of sludge in your pipes and tanks or if you feel you are paying too much for process chemicals – then water treatment might be the solution.

  How will my business or factory benefit from Kinetico water treatment systems?

Washing and cleaning can be made more effective, machinery will last longer and require less maintenance, and processes involving water will become more reliable and efficient.

  Why use Kinetico?

Kinetico is the foremost supplier of cost-effective industrial water processing systems. It has reached this position through listening to customers, giving the right advice and providing advanced design, quality products and complete support services at competitive prices.

  Which industries do Kinetico UK Ltd supply to?

Kinetico equipment is used across a broad range of industries including leisure and catering, hospitals, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, manufacturing, painting and finishing. In fact Kinetico equipment can be found anywhere where there is a need for processed water.

  What about bespoke installations?

Kinetico UK’s sales engineers have extensive technical knowledge of all products and work closely with consultants and the customer on a number of bespoke projects to produce quality Water Treatment Systems that will match your exact needs.

Speak to a Kinetico AquaCare Expert

If you are in need of a repair or would like a routine service our expertly trained technicians can fix most problems in just one visit, getting you back up and running quickly. We’ll ensure your machine is working efficiently, giving you the best water for your home. Fill in the form below and we will be in touch or call 0808 1641 796.