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Enjoy the benefits of a limescale-free home. . .

  • Look after your home appliances
    Live in a hard water area? The first signs of limescale will be the flaky deposits in your kettle. A Kinetico water softener will not only make your kettle last longer but will do the same for your washing machine, dishwasher and boiler – saving you a small fortune too.
  • Healthier skin and hair
    If you live in a hard water area, you’ve probably seen limescale build-up in your bathroom. Now consider the fact you’re bathing or showering in that same substance. Install a water softener and from day one, your skin will feel softer and your hair will look shinier.
  • Help alleviate eczema
    Eczema sufferers may find that hard water aggravates their condition by drying out their skin even more. On top of this, people in hard water areas need to use more soap when showering, and excess product can further irritate dry or sensitive skin.
  • Save up to £400 a year
    You could save up to £34 a month – that’s over £400 a year – by using fewer detergents, toiletries and household cleaning products. Which means you'll also save on elbow grease.
  • Spend less time cleaning
    On average, the time spent cleaning your bathroom equates to around 10 days every year, time we're sure you’ll agree could be better spent. With a water softener you can get that time back. Speaking of bathrooms, you’ll also have softer towels – not to mention clothes.

Solve this with a Kinetico water softener

Kinetico Premier Compact

  • Had one for over 10 trouble free years

    Mrs Gale
  • Value for money. Great product and a worthy investment

    Raman – Milton Keynes
  • Water seems much improved, feels softer & taps seem cleaner

    Mr N Clayton
  • Our very hard water is now silky smooth

    Trusted Customer
  • I would recommend Kinetico

    Brian Smith

Trusted by

  • Delivering soft water to London’s most luxurious hotel

  • Selected for the NHS Home Kidney Dialysis Programme

  • Keeping their glassware shiny

  • Installed in the Royal Suite at Buckingham Palace

The Kinetico total home water solution. No more limescale with soft water throughout the home and chlorine free, crisp clear drinking water.
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