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Aerus Mobile Air Cleaner

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Features ActivePure Technology proven to reduce viruses, bacteria, and other Pathogens

The Aerus® Mobile is a device intended for the reduction of contaminants in the ambient air in smaller indoor and personal spaces. Ideal for travel, work stations, small offices, and vehicles. Patented ActivePure is an advanced surface and air purification technology.

ActivePure does not replace the need to follow public health guidelines and should be used as complementary technology.



The Aerus Mobile lets you bring our proprietary ActivePure Technology with you on the go, to help reduce airborne contaminants, allergens, and odors. Multiple settings let you customize and optimize its usage for multiple environments ranging from a car, hotel room, small office, or camper.

  • Touch sensitive settings to provide ease of operation and function
  • Freshens air without the use of ozone
  • Uses a UVC light and ActivePure screen matrix to oxidize the air
  • Base is designed with multiple mounting options
  • Wire Stand allows for independent use from the base and various options to set or hang the unit
  • Comes with both a 12 volt DC car adapter and a 100 - 240 volt 50/60 Hz AC adapter with interchangeable plugs


For further information please visit https://www.activepure.uk.com/mobile-air-cleaner/


Recommended Maximum Coverage in a Contiguous Space*

Up to 50 sq. ft. (4.6m2) for single occupant use. Not for use in medical or health care environments.

*Dependent on occupancy of the space

Aerus Mobile Air Cleaner

Features ActivePure Technology proven to reduce viruses, bacteria, and other Pathogens

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