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Water Filter Cartridges

Kinetico water filtration cartridges are exclusively designed for use in Kinetico products. You can buy replacement cartridges from us online for all our water filtration systems.

  1. Replacement filter cartridge for the Essential Drinking Water System.
  2. Replacement cartridge for Kinetico K5 Pure+ adds beneficial calcium to drinking water.
  3. Replacement Membrane cartridge for all Kinetico K5 Drinking Water System.
  4. Replacement Water Filter Cartridges Pack for all K5Pure, K2, KRO and KRO+ GX Drinking Water Systems. Expected filter life (1800 Approx)
  5. Replacement filter cartridge for the AquaGuard Water Filtration System. Expected filter life (1800 Approx)
  6. Replacement filter cartridge for the AquaScale Water Filtration System.
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