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Water Softener

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The ultimate - for those who want the very best. A powerful whole home solution that combines water softening with chlorine removal for the ultimate water quality around the house.

  • Installed in utility or plant room
  • Suitable for up to 6 bathrooms
  • Expert advice and on-going support from your local Authorised Kinetico dealer

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Recommended by
  • Water Quality Association
  • ProQuad Technology
    ProQuad Technology

    Cutting edge water softening technology

  • Four Tank System
    Four Tank System

    This sophisticated non-electric quad system produces water to the highest quality through an uninterrupted supply of soft water 24/7 and the removal of chlorine and particulate matter.

  • High Flow Rate
    High Flow Rate

    Designed and manufactured to exceed water flow rates typically used by today’s demanding households.

  • Non-Electric

    Operates using the power of moving water for greater reliability and easier installation. There are no power cables to plug-in, no meters or timers to set, no electronic components to corrode over time - and no electricity costs.

  • Metered Regeneration
    Metered Regeneration

    Meters water use to accurately determine when it's time to regenerate with watch-like precision, resulting in less waste and greater savings. So when you go on holiday so does your water softener.

  • Countercurrent Regeneration
    Countercurrent Regeneration

    Unlike most other water softeners our patented countercurrent backwash regenerates from the bottom up for more even and efficient use of the resin.

  • High Capacity Resin
    High Capacity Resin

    Uses food-grade, high capacity fine mesh resin to deliver high flow rates.

  • 10 year warranty
    10 year warranty

    Kinetico water softeners are designed and built to meet the highest quality standards.

  • Soft Water Rinse
    Soft Water Rinse

    Uses only soft, conditioned water to clean itself, which prolongs the life of the water softener.

  • Tablet Salt
    Tablet Salt

    Large capacity salt drum.


  • Dimensions


    H 1219mm x W 432mm x D 203mm


    Requires a separate brine tank. Different sizes are available.

  • Warranty


    10 years

  • Salt Usage

    Salt Usage

    1.5 kg

  • Service Flow Rate

    Service Flow Rate

    At 1 bar pressure drop: 43.5 L per min

  • Regeneration Time

    Regeneration Time

    40 minutes


Your water softener would normally be installed at the point the external water supply enters your home. Ideally this larger unit would be situated in a plant room or garage.

The softener will be fitted by one of our Authorised Kinetico Dealers who are professional and fully-trained with all the necessary plumbing experience to fit your softener. In order to assess the plumbing in your home, the Kinetico Dealer would visit your property beforehand ensuring the installation on the day is seamless.

Fitting would normally take approximately half a day depending on the complexity of the installation.


Adding salt to your machine is the only maintenance you’ll have to do, however this unit will require a service visit from your Dealer on a bi-annual basis to ensure the carbon filters are working to maximum efficiency.

Should you have any issues or questions about your machine your local Kinetico Dealer will be there to help.