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Temperature, taste and sustainability - much more than your average reusable bottle!

The secret is the interior

Made with a ceramic coating, the Runbott will not only maintain the temperature of your favourite drink, it will also maintain flavour.

No metals means no added, unpleasant flavours

Join us - help the fight against global warming

Say goodbye to plastic bottles

Like you, we are really serious about protecting our environment. By choosing Runbott and filling up with your drink of choice at home, you are helping to reduce the large number of plastic bottles littering our planet causing damage to our wildlife and environment.

The facts and figures

Bottle size:

220 x 70mm




Azure / Cherry / Ebony / Fuschia / Lilac / Lime / Rose / Snow

Fill your Runbott with clean, crisp filtered water straight from your tap!

The Essential drinking water system

Improves taste and odour of water by reducing impurities such as chlorine and lead. Perfect for households that care for their families and the environment.

Filtered water on tap from only 2p a litre