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Total Home Water Solution

Take care of your home and family by taking care of your water.

Banish limescale & go plastic-free with a Kinetico home water solution.

At Kinetico, we believe water should always be as pure as nature intended, but unfortunately it can pick up all sorts of impurities on its way to your house. While hard water carries mineral deposits that cover your surfaces and clog up your appliances with limescale, both hard and soft water carry additional chemicals and contaminants such as copper and lead.

Take care of your home and family by treating both the water that comes in to your home and the water you put in your body. Kinetico can offer the total home solution by combining an award winning Premier Compact Water Softener with one from our range of drinking wter solutions. Our total home water solutions guarantee limescale-free, great-tasting water, straight from the tap - 24/7.

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Why Choose a Kinetico total home water solution?

Kinetico Premiere Compact

• Simple to install and use
• Compact non-electric design
• Easy to maintain
• 10-year parts warranty

Essential drinking water Filter

• Clean, great tasting water on tap
• 12 months of crisp water per cartridge
• Only 2p a litre, much better than leading jug brands
• Help the planet by cutting down on plastic water bottles

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