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Without water, you wouldn’t have a functional bathroom – yet, this major part is often overlooked when fitting a new bathroom.

Spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds on a new bathroom is a big investment and one you will want to protect. You may be delighted with your pristine looking bathroom now, but give it 6 months and we’ll show you what the damaging effects of hard water can do.

Apart from spending hours scrubbing, which is a thankless task, there is a long-term solution.

Installing a water softener will keep limescale at bay and increase the longevity of your bathroom – to keep it looking sparklingly new for longer.

Soft water, omitted from a water softener, does not carry the damaging magnesium and calcium minerals that cause the limescale which sticks to your taps and shower – soft water lovingly protects and cares for your bathroom. This means less time cleaning and more time relaxing in a bath of luxuriously soft water filled with the ultimate in soft, creamy bubbles.

bathroom limescale
Don't just take out word for it

Not only do soaps and shampoos yield a richer, creamier lather with soft water, they also rinse off easily and completely, leaving your skin smoother and softer than ever.  As for your hair, the softer and cleaner the water, the more luxurious and silky your hair will look and feel.

A Kinetico water softener is a compact design that can be installed under your kitchen sink and will soften the water throughout your home. Its clever twin-tank cylinder design will ensure you have continuous soft water 24/7.   (pic of 2020c softener) (10 year warranty flash)

Don’t just take our word for it.

“We had been looking at purchasing a water softener for some time and finally took the plunge (pardon the pun!) while having our bathroom refurbished. It's only been fitted for just over a week so far, but the results so far have been impressive. The most notable for us has been with regard to showering. We've been living in a hard water area for so long now that we'd forgotten how nice it is to use soft water. The feel of the water is very different as is the amount of soap, shampoo etc that you need. Altogether a much more pleasant experience.” Review Centre

“When I go into my clients homes, and they’re looking to install a new bathroom, I always recommend they invest in a water softener. Over the years I have seen clients spend thousands of pounds on new bathrooms, only to be hugely disappointed a few months later when the dreaded limescale starts to build up. Pristine taps start to look grubby, free flowing showers get clogged up, crystal clear shower screens and tiles become watermarked – limescale can completely ruin the look of your bathroom not to mention the time you’ll spend cleaning it. I’m a true advocate of having soft water throughout your home and will always recommend a Kinetico water softener to my clients"

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