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Refurbishing and fitting a new kitchen can have a big impact on improving your home – but with it comes a significant investment so we expect them to last for years.

Water forms a major part of any kitchen, but the damaging effects of hard water can significantly reduce, not just the longevity of appliances, but also the aesthetics of your kitchen. Your kitchen may look like new now but give it 6 months home and we’ll show you what the damaging effects of hard water can do.

There is a simple solution for keeping your kitchen pristine so it looks like it did the day it was put in. Installing a water softener means maintaining your kitchen couldn’t be easier. Soft water will make cleaning your kitchen simple and it will only need a simple swipe of a cloth – you can say goodbye to all the bottles of limescale cleaners in your cupboard, and hello to shiny taps, sparkling sinks and gleaming work tops.

Soft water running through your appliances will also increase their longevity. Limescale build up in your washing machine and dishwasher can have costly consequences and eventually cause your appliance to break down. You won’t need to put salt in your dishwasher and you’ll only have to use a quarter of the amount washing detergent.

Keep your kitchen looking like new for longer

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Don't just take out word for it

Kinetico water softener is a compact design that can be installed under your kitchen sink and will soften the water throughout your home. Its clever twin-tank cylinder design will ensure you have continuous soft water 24/7.  

Don’t just take our word for it

“Had this fitted back in June and just wish we had bought one sooner. I don't understand why more people don't have water softeners - especially in Essex. I dread to think how much time, money and effort I have spent over the years trying (and usually failing) to get rid of unsightly limescale.” Review Centre

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