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Grocery bills are already expensive enough, especially when you have a family, so why let hard water add to the bill?

If you live in a hard water area, you probably find yourself buying quite a few specialised products, none of which seem to last very long. Not only do you need to buy limescale-fighting chemicals for your washing machine and dishwasher, you also have to invest in tough cleaning products to tackle the soap scum and furry layers in your shower and around taps.



Use 75% less detergent and save £34 per month on your shopping bill

Even regular products, like washing powder and shampoo, are costing you more. Soaps and detergents aren’t as effective in hard water, which means you need to use up to 75% more product to get results.

Instaling a water softener from our quality range means hard water will no longer affect your home. By cutting specialised cleaning products from your grocery list and not wasting unnecessary shampoos and shower gels, you could save around £400 a year.

Not only will you enjoy all the benefits of soft water, you’ll also have some extra cash for a holiday.

Save money with soft water

What will you spend the extra cash on? After installing a Kinetico Water Softener you'll be quids in, it really does pay for itself!
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