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Cleaner Kettle - Kettle Limescale

The most well-recognised symptom of hard water in your home is limescale in your kettle.
Not only are these hard water deposits unsightly, they can also shorten the life of your appliances by attaching themselves to heating elements.

But while it’s bad enough to know this substance is damaging your washing machine and dishwasher, have you ever thought about the fact you’re ingesting limescale every time you make a brew?

Hard water actually changes the taste of your tea and many people in hard water areas often find limescale flakes floating around in their cup. Once limescale appears in your kettle, manually scrubbing or descaling is the only way to remove it.
However, a much smarter approach is tackling the problem before it can happen.

A Kinetico water filter will remove any foreign particles in your water before it reaches your kettle or cup. Not only will you notice the difference in taste and have a beautiful aromatic cup of tea, but you’ll also notice your kettle doesn’t need to be descaled regularly and will last a lot longer too.


Now is the time to cut your cleaning time and enjoy limescale-free tea!

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