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Great tasting food

If you’re the kind of person who spends a lot of time worrying about what your family eats, you need to get yourself a water filter.

While water quality in the UK is among the best in the world, there are still a number of issues with it that can affect your food.
Issues that can easily be solved with a water filter…

Baking bread
Better bread

Another thing chlorine does is mess with yeast in food, so if you’re a home baker, your breads probably haven’t been turning out the way they should.

Cleaner fruits and vegetables

Experts always recommend washing fruit and vegetables before you eat them, but washing them in tap water could be making things worse. Filtering water removes foreign particles, such as rust, ensuring your produce is actually being cleaned rather than contaminated.

Clean fruit and veg
safer cooking
Safer cooking

Many people assume that cooking food or boiling water automatically kills bacteria, but the reality is that many dishes aren’t heated high or long enough.

This means that any bacteria present in your unfiltered tap water will still be there when you sit down to dinner.

Tastier food

The scum you see on your tea, the limescale in your kettle, the smell of chlorine when you turn on the tap – these are all elements that can alter the great flavours you try to create with every meal. Even if you’re not adding water to your dish directly, just boiling pasta or rice in unfiltered tap water can spoil the taste.

Tastier food
Restaurants choose filtered water

Many restaurants are now choosing to cook with filtered water to ensure their food is the best it can be.

Steve Schimoler, owner of one of America’s top restaurants, is a real advocate of filtered water,  watch the video below to find out why he beleves it is key to creating a great tasting dish.

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