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Saving Money

The average Briton drinks almost 38 litres of bottled water a year
- but did you know that around one-third of bottled water sold in supermarkets is just re-processed tap water?

The average cost of a litre of tap water in the UK is 1p.
Combine this with an easy-to-install water filter and you’ll have fresh, quality water pumping out of your tap for virtually nothing.

Bottled water is being marketed as a lifestyle, convincing consumers to pay for water they could easily get from their tap.
But not only is bottled water mind-blowingly expensive compared with filtered water, it’s also harmful to the environment.

Filtered water is better for the planet and also gives you control over the quality of water your family drinks. Between high UK water treatment standards and your quality Kinetico filter, you know for definite that the water in your home is safe, fresh and pure.