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A Greener Home

You may recycle religiously and use a water filter instead of buying bottled water, but if you live in a hard water area, your home probably isn’t as green as you think.

Not only does hard water damage appliances, costing you money and affecting your skin, it can also result in a lot of wasted energy,
which increases your carbon footprint and damages the environment.

Here are just a few ways hard water is making your home less green...

Heating energy

When hard water is heated, it produces limescale, which reduces the efficiency of appliances and your heating system. Pipes and boilers coated in limescale have to work a lot harder and for a longer time to heat both water and your home.
This alone can increase your water heating bills by 12%, as well as cause damage to your heating system and to the planet.

In appliances like kettles and dishwashers, limescale attaches itself to heating elements. This means a lot more energy is needed to heat the water, as it first needs to heat a layer of hard limescale.

Increased waste

When showering, doing laundry or washing dishes, you’ll need to use 75% more detergent and soap with hard water.

Not only are you spending a lot of money replacing these products more frequently than you need to, you’re also generating more packaging waste that can be environmentally damaging.

Damaging clothes

Even when washing your clothes, hard water causes more damage to fabric than soft water does.

This means you’ll need to replace clothes more frequently, again leading to an increase in household waste and also adding to your carbon footprint due to clothing transport costs.

Water waste

Not only are you using more detergent or soap when showering or cleaning your home, you’re also using a lot more water. As you spend extra time scrubbing away limescale or trying to work products into a lather, you’re also wasting water that the world just can’t spare.

The solution

Softening your water is a simple solution if you want to make your home a greener place. By removing limescale minerals from your water, you can rest assured that your heating systems, appliances and cleaning products are working as efficiently as possible.

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