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Best Water Softener for Eczema

Thanks to their clever design and unique features, our Kinetico water softeners are one of the best ways to treat eczema, providing the following benefits:

- Our innovative twin-tank system keeps you and your family in soft water without interruption. Providing a continuous flow, our water softeners can provide enough water for the whole house, without worry of running down the supply.

- Keep your bills low and your water soft with our extra precision hardness technology, ensuring all the nasties are removed from your water with the highest efficiency. Our softeners can be calibrated to your exact water conditions, meaning you’ll see the biggest benefit with the highest efficiency.

- Benefit from our softeners’ non-electric system and an uninterruptible flow of soft water into your home. Not only does this mean it is not dependent on your home’s electric supply, it also means you won’t be racking up higher energy bills.

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Can Hard Water Cause Eczema?

So, can hard water cause eczema? While the root cause of eczema can be traced to genetics or an overly reactive immune system, the effect of environmental factors are evident.

Medical research has shown that hard water can dry out your skin, triggering more serious conditions like eczema. For example, Dr Simon Danby, from the Department of Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease at Sheffield, found that washing with hard water “may contribute to the development of eczema”. He added that people with eczema are “much more sensitive to the effects of hard water than people with healthy skin.”

Also, the NHS lists hard water and detergent products as possible causes of irritant contact dermatitis. Dry, flaking skin is an unpleasant feeling, but skin conditions aggravated by hard water dryness can be more severe and pretty painful.

How Does Hard Water Affect Eczema?

According to the National Eczema Society, eczema affects one in five children and one in ten adults in the UK. The severity and causes of the condition can vary, so if you find yourself searching for “can hard water cause eczema?”, not to worry, we have the answers.

This is why so many people try to protect their family’s skin from unnecessary discomfort by installing a water softener in their home. We sat with Anne-Marie Crawford-Flanagan and asked how Kinetico water softeners had impacted her and her son, Dylan. She had this to say:

“We went on the internet and did a bit of research. I came across the Kinetico website, so I gave them a ring, somebody came to the house, and we got the water softener installed. Within a couple of weeks, we started noticing a difference; from where [Dylan's] skin used to be oozing and really wet, it was starting to dry up.”


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Weeping eczema is often the result of inflammation from cracks and itching caused by dryness, which can occur in severe cases like Dylan’s. While softened water is by no means a cure for eczema, it is a step forward in your journey to managing this skin condition.

Be kind to your skin. Introduce a water softener to your household and significantly reduce the severity of eczema flare-ups like Anne-Marie did for Dylan.

Why does hard water aggravate skin?

The minerals in hard water and the soap scum they produce absorb the natural oils and moisture in our skin, destroying its natural barrier and leaving it vulnerable.

When the skin dries and cracks, in more serious cases, germs, allergens and bacteria can enter those gaps, causing the symptoms of eczema. Eczema sufferers may find hard water aggravates their condition further by drying out their skin even more.

On top of this, people in hard water areas need to use more soap when showering in order to clean themselves properly, and excess product can further irritate dry or sensitive skin. Even if you’re careful with the bathing products you use, doing laundry in hard water areas requires extra detergent for effective cleaning.

This leaves a residue on clothing, towels and bed linen that can aggravate underlying skin conditions, causing discomfort and irritation.

All it takes is a simple phone call, and you can book a consultation with a water expert so they can inspect your water and help you decide which system is best for you.

How To Get Relief from Eczema

Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium minerals from the water in your home, making it kinder to your skin and ensuring you only have to use small amounts of soaps and detergents.

This reduces irritation and ensures the water doesn’t withdraw precious moisture from sensitive skin. Check out our range of water softeners and give your skin a break today.

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