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How hard water affects your skin

The minerals in hard water, as well as the soap scum they produce, absorb the natural oils and moisture in our skin, destroying its natural barrier and leaving it vulnerable. When the skin dries and cracks in more serious cases, germs, allergens and bacteria can enter those gaps, causing the symptoms of eczema.

Eczema sufferers may find hard water aggravates their condition further by drying out their skin even more. On top of this, people in hard water areas need to use more soap when showering in order to clean themselves properly and excess product can further irritate dry or sensitive skin.

See how Kinetico helped Hannah with her severe eczema

"For me the worst part was being unable to hide it, as it affected my face.My skin was so swollen and dry that I could barely open my eyes, I had an infection inside my nose, I couldn't wear make-up and I didn't want to go out with my friends."

Hannah's life has changed beyond belief with her Kinetico Water Softener

"Over the next couple of weeks I noticed the improvement in my skin. It was not as dry and the cracks slowly started to heal, the infections in my skin started to clear up and I had a break from the constant, incessant burning."

Can soft water help your eczema?

Soft water is kinder to your skin. Indeed, research findings from skincare experts Salcura show that parts of the UK with soft water require fewer deliveries of eczema products.

But if you live in a hard water area, like the East of England, South East and Midlands, installing a water softener could help to relieve eczema symptoms. Many anecdotal records by doctors and eczema sufferers show conditions improving, or completely disappearing, when a patient moves into a soft water area or installs a water softener. Our independent survey with talkhealth, a team of chronic condition specialists, also returned reassuring results.

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