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Hard Water and Washing Detergents

One of the many unfortunate side effects of living with hard water is that it prevents washing detergents and soaps from lathering properly.

You may spend the week looking forward to a long, hot soak in the tub on Friday night, but after using half a bottle of bubble bath,
all you get are bubbles that disappear after a couple of minutes and a layer of soap scum on the water. 

Even your morning shower is disappointing.
Instead of feeling refreshed and clean, you struggle to get your body wash to work properly and have to clean an unpleasant scum at the bottom of the shower.

Homeowners with soft water know the true meaning of rest and relaxation.

Why soaps and shower gels don’t work well in hard water

Due to the high level of calcium and magnesium minerals in the water, soaps and detergents don’t react properly to build up the lather they need to truly clean. Instead, they produce a grey ‘scum’ and this has a sticky consistency that can be drying.

And while the effect of hard water on your skin is important to be aware of, it’s can also affect your stress levels. Instead of rejuvenating showers and relaxing baths, you’re getting frustrated with bath products that won’t work and you end up with a lot more cleaning to do.

Hardly the luxurious treat you promised yourself and things just get worse when you reach for a towel that is now scratchy and faded after being washing in hard water.

Give yourself the treatment you deserve

A water softener tackles the issues that are making your bathing experience unpleasant. Shower gels and soaps lather easily in soft water, rinsing away instead of leaving a residue on your skin that stops you feeling clean.

You’ll also be able to enjoy proper bubble baths where the bubbles last ages and your skin feels moisturised. This feeling gets even better when you wrap yourself in that soft, fluffy towel that has stayed looking brand new thanks to your home’s new soft water supply.

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