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Smooth Skin and Silky Hair

If you live in a hard water area, you’ve probably seen limescale build up around your taps and in your kettle.
Now consider the fact you’re putting that same substance on your hair and skin every time you shower…

Water is a huge part of our beauty regimes.
Whether you’re cleansing your face at the end of the day or shaving for the office, water is an essential element
– one that could be drying your skin instead of replenishing moisture.

Bring a touch of luxury to your life.

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Is hard water making your hair dry?

Many of us don’t realise the negative effects hard water has on our skin and hair. We simply apply a whole host of expensive creams and hair masks, providing a quick fix for the symptom instead of tackling the underlying cause of our dryness.

The minerals present in hard water combine with soaps, shampoos and shower gels to create a grey scum instead of that satisfying lather that leaves you feeling clean and fresh. This sticky, pasty substance can leave a residue and even sap moisture from your hair and skin.

In order to achieve any kind of lather, around 75% more product is required and even then, you’ll rarely feel properly clean afterwards. Not only are you forced to buy toiletries more often than you should, countless women in hard water areas end up spending hard earned cash on expensive moisturisers that may not be necessary

How to achieve soft skin and healthy hair

Our range of water softeners provide you with beautiful soft water that thoroughly cleanses your skin and hair, allowing your body’s own natural moisturising oils to do their job.

Hard water can clog the skin’s pores with soap residue preventing your skin's natural moisture and oils from coming out, leaving skin dry and hair dull. A water softener removes the calcium and magnesium minerals that cause this, leaving you with water that nurtures your skin instead of damaging it.

Woman hair
Wash your hair without scum

While hard water could be the cause of your dry hair and skin, it’s also the reason your scalp never feels fully clean. Hard water turns shampoo into a soapy scum instead of a satisfying lather that makes your hair feel squeaky clean.

Instead, you’re left with a scalp that still feels greasy and hair that is dulled by shampoo residue.

Enjoy your own home spa

Not only will soft water make your hair feel clean and shiny, you’ll also notice that it makes shampoo, conditioner and hair treatments go much further.

Buy a water softener today and start enjoying its effect on your hair and skin, as well as the money-saving benefits.

Soft water is like having your own spa at home.

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