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Keep towels and clothes soft and bright

Do you find brand new items of clothing are becoming worn and faded too quickly?
If so, you’re probably suffering from the effects of hard water.

Clothes, bed linen and towels washed in hard water soon become starchy and scratchy, losing their softness and irritating your skin.
You’ll also notice that colours fade faster than you expected, causing new items to look old before their time. 

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How hard water damages fabrics

When used with hard water, washing detergents don’t lather enough to clean clothes properly. This means you have to use a lot more detergent than you would with soft water, which in turn causes another problem. In fact, it’s nearly 50% more!

The more detergent you use, the harder it is for your washing machine to rinse the suds out of your clothes. The residue that remains on your laundry negatively affects the material, resulting in dull, startchy, scratchy fabric.

The solution that will save your towels, bed linen and clothes

If you want to keep clothes feeling soft and looking their best, a water softener is the way to go. Our range of water softeners remove calcium and magnesium minerals  from hard water as it enters your home, ensuring your laundry is protected.

Soft water makes freshly washed fabrics feel soft and luxurious, giving you a much more pleasant experience. It’s almost like putting brand new clothes on each day!

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Less detergent
Did you know?

Even when 50% less detergent is used at a much lower temperature setting, soft water is still highly effective at removing stains. Just think of the detergent and energy you'll save!

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