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Increase the life of your appliances

Living in the UK can be expensive and with energy costs on the rise, everyone is looking for a way to save money.
Installing a water softener not only cuts your cleaning time, but it can also reduce your energy and grocery bills, prolong the life of your appliances and help prevent expensive boiler breakdowns.

A water softener can lead to serious long-term savings for you and your family. Find out how below.

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Take care of your appliances with a water softener

We spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds on appliances so why wouldn’t you want to protect them and increase their life span? Here are a few ways soft water can enhance performance and reduce the risk of your appliances breaking down.

The working parts of your washing machine and dishwasher won’t be covered in limescale, allowing water to flow freely and your appliance to work more efficiently. This means less energy is used and the appliance can work more effectively.

Heating elements won’t have a hard scale surrounding them, meaning water is heated much quicker. This guarantees you faster results with less energy.

Parts of appliances that are coated in limescale have to work much harder to achieve standard results. This means they wear out quicker than they should, forcing you to repair or replace the appliance much sooner than expected. If you live in a very hard water area and don’t have a water softener you probably get through a fair few washing machines over the years!

Many householders in hard water areas may consider anti-scale tablets for their appliances; however, these are only short-term fixes for a symptom rather than a permanent solution to the problem.

How to protect your boiler from damage

Damage to appliances is bad enough, but it’s a lot worse for your home heating system.

Limescale can build up quickly in your heating pipes. Not only does this inhibit the flow of water and cause damage, but it also uses up more energy. The internal working parts of your boiler that heat the water can also become blocked and eventually cause your boiler to break down.

The average boiler repair costs £235.37, while a brand new boiler will set you back between £1,800 and £3,500.

This is a big gamble for homeowners to take when a water softener could end your battle with hard water and put a stop to all the damage it causes.

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