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Home Improvements

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    Which Water Softener Do I Need?


    Want to know what water softener system is best for your home? Explore our guide for tips on what to consider when purchasing a water softener.

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  2. Softened water from Kinetico Water softener

    We take a look at the technology behind Kinetico’s flag-ship premier compact water softener, how it removes the hard water minerals from your water supply and how it regenerates itself to provide your home with softened water 24/7.

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  3. Water softener savings in a piggy bank
    With these tips and tricks, you can reduce your water bill and cut down on daily costs: turn off taps, only boil the kettle once, fill up your washing machine and install a water softener.
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  4. Testing water sample for PFASs - Kinetico UK

    PFASs have been at the forefront of the UK's environmental, political and social discussions due to the long term health risks associated with their presence in human blood streams. With a water filter installed in your home, you can reduce the levels of PFASs drastically.

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  5. Take the hard work out of Spring cleaning
    Step into Spring and enjoy those beautiful daffodils, soak up the lovely warm sunshine and leave the Spring cleaning to Kinetico.
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  6. Breathe cleaner air with ActivePure technology

    Kinetico is now launching solutions to help protect your family, home and workplace from air and surface pollutants.

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  7. Join Classic Water Softeners at the Build It Live Virtual Exhibition

    Join Classic Water Softeners at the Build It Live Virtual Exhibition

    Grab a pair of FREE tickets and Join us online to discover the benefits of a range of Kinetico water systems.

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  8. The Big Detox Part Two: Your home

    The Big Detox - Part 2: Your home

    In our last blog we looked at how detoxing your body was an essential part of looking after yourself. This blog is all about how important it is to detox your home!

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  9. Are you a self builder or a home renovator? Visit Grand Designs Live 2019

    Are you a self-builder or a home renovator? Visit Grand Designs Live 2019

    The show that provides expert advice on all things self build.
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  10. Spring has sprung

    Spring has sprung, top tips to spruce up your home

    Spring has sprung and what better way to start the season than with a good clean!

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