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  1. Kettle

    As a nation of tea lovers, British people can’t go a day without popping on the kettle for a lovely cuppa. We’re not exaggerating - more than 90% of people in the UK use their kettles daily, while around 40% use them five times or more every day.

    Considering kettles go through a lot of usage, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on their condition, especially if you live in a hard water area.

    We’ve written before about how hard water causes limescale and how it can affect your appliances. If you begin to notice a chalky and scaly residue in your kettle, this means limescale has begun to develop. Check out our simple and easy-to-follow steps on descaling your kettle!

    Why Is It Important to Descale Kettles?

    Limescale isn’t exactly harmful, but there are still some serious d

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  2. Take the hard work out of Spring cleaning
    Step into Spring and enjoy those beautiful daffodils, soak up the lovely warm sunshine and leave the Spring cleaning to Kinetico.
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