A massive THANK YOU to all our customers!

Here at Kinetico, we truly believe in improving lives through better water; and thanks to our family of dealers and you - our amazing customers - we have done just that. In the last year alone, we have:

Since 2013, we have proudly supported the fantastic charity Just a Drop. Through a combination of employee fundraising events and donations for every water softener sold, we have well and truly exceeded our expectations. Thousands of pounds have been raised to support sustainable safe water, sanitation, and hygiene projects for communities around the world.

•  Supported the provision of safe water and sanitation to over 328,000 people in Kenya.

•  Assisted with the construction of rainwater harvesting tanks in Kenyan schools allowing children to be healthier and attend school more regularly.

•  Facilitated the access of safe, clean water for the 700 students at Kaliambeu Primary School.

Alice Mellar, from Just a Drop explains in more detail what the money has been used for:

With the support of Kinetico, over the last year alone we’ve been able to reach 328,000 people with safe water and sanitation that has helped to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus and support communities across the world. We have used Kinetico’s generous funding to support our work in Kenya where there is a real need for safe, clean water. We’ve been able to develop our work constructing rainwater harvesting tanks in Kenyan schools – these tanks provide sufficient safe water for schools all year round, with the tank being topped up by rainwater during every rainy season. This means that they are sustainable and will support the children at the school for years to come.

The water collected in the tank each year is used for drinking, cooking, washing and cleaning and can be utilised to develop vegetable gardens and grow trees. Having water at their school, enables students to be healthier and attend school more regularly; we see a huge drop in the number of doctor’s visits that are required. The tanks also ensure that in areas where drought is common, children can access water all year round without needing to walk to find alternative water sources.

Most recently, the donations from Kinetico supported children at Kaliambeu Primary School in Kenya, where water scarcity is a huge problem, and women and children walk up to 6km each day to collect water from rivers or community boreholes that is often dirty and unsafe. This impacts the health of the community as they are drinking dirty water, the education of the children by missing school, and also contributes towards the spread of coronavirus. When women and children are forced to collect water, they can queue for hours for their turn at the pump, meaning that they are in crowded places where the virus can easily spread. In addition to this when they return from walking all of that distance to collect water, they want to be able to drink the water and use it to cook for their families, rather than pouring it away whilst washing your hands.

Before the project started, we spoke to a student, Mwendwa, about the situation in Kaliambeu Primary School and she told us; “There’s very little supply of water in the school and we waste a lot of our time going to fetch water and the duty is also very tiring. Sometimes when there is no water, we fail to wash our clothes or even bathe”.

Thanks to Kinetico, children like Mwendwa no longer have to walk to collect water as Just a Drop was able to install a rainwater harvesting tank in their school; enabling all 700 children to access safe, clean water. The school was also trained in WASH and soap-making, enabling the children to keep themselves and their community protected from the spread of coronavirus.

Together we really are improving lives through better water, so once again, THANK YOU!

To find out more about Just a Drop visit: www.justadrop.org/