Take the stress out of buying bottled water

The UK is currently going through a bottled water shortage with many supermarkets and retailers finding it hard to keep their shelves stocked. The HGV driver shortage has meant space on lorries is at a premium, as a result heavy, bulky items that push up the vehicle weight, like bottled water, are not being prioritised in the same way other products are. This coupled with a warm summer and people still stocking up due to the pandemic has meant bottled water is in high demand.

This isn’t only affecting retailers as restaurants and pubs are also struggling, with some branches of McDonalds and Nando’s having no bottled water until further notice.

Here at Kinetico we believe in offering the best quality drinking water for everyone through our range of drinking water systems. Not only would you have clean, crisp, great tasting water on tap whenever you want but you will also be helping the environment by minimising your plastic waste.

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