Christmas Cooking with Kinetico

After the year we’ve all had, a delicious Christmas dinner is the least we deserve!

I’m sure like me you’ve tried your hand at baking bread, banana cake and the latest must-try recipes on social media. Let’s face it, cooking, baking and eating yummy food has kept us all going.

We may not be able to spend Christmas in the usual way this year, but with a little help from Kinetico water, that all important Christmas Dinner can taste better than ever!

What’s so special about Kinetico water?

Perfectly filtered water, from a tap in your kitchen, will make everything taste better – yes even those dreaded sprouts!

First clean and prepare your food in pure, filtered water – that means no chlorine, no lead no viruses and no bacteria. Then cook, boil and steam using only the best water, no limescale, no added impurities, just your food, your way!

We have a water filter suitable for every home and budget, take a look at our full range here and the list of contaminants they can remove.

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep cooking!