Get drastic on plastic


Sales of bottled water in the UK reached a whopping 2.9 BILLION litres* in 2017, resulting in huge amounts of plastic waste – it’s estimated that the UK uses 35 MILLION plastic bottles** every single day.

Not only does the plastic waste from bottled water negatively impact the environment, but energy is required to produce and transport bottled water. Many of the popular brands are transported hundreds of miles from their source, and it is estimated that the bottled water industry in the UK releases 350,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide*** into the atmosphere every year – the equivalent of flying from London to Miami 140,000 times!

By installing a Kinetico home filtration system, not only you can get drastic on plastic by eliminating bottled water waste, but home filtered water offers significant financial savings too!

Of course, here in the UK we are fortunate to have fresh water on tap, and this is why for every Kinetico system sold, a donation is made to the charity ‘Just A Drop’ which helps provide safe water to developing countries, but often we simply desire better tasting water. Plus, in some areas, water quality is increasingly an issue, for example, pharmaceuticals in water supplies, the effects of chlorine, industrial and biological contamination, an aging water distribution infrastructure and naturally occurring substances that degrade the taste of water. Water quality varies from home to home, and water treatment for one household may not be right for another.

Kinetico Water Filter Systems let you tailor your filtration, leading to fresh, great tasting water on tap, without any plastic pollution. And, if you want fizzy water without the plastic pollutants, simply invest in a Soda Stream – these days you can even choose your bubble size.

Surprising benefits of Kinetico Filtered Water

  • Bread not rising? You may have high chlorine levels which affect the yeast reaction.
  • Tea-making is transformed using Kinetico water, watch our short video to find out more!
  • You’ll find food tastes far superior when cooking using filtered water (Kinetico is a leading supplier of filtration systems to restaurants).
  • The average cost of bottled water in the UK is £1 per litre* – Kinetico filtered water costs just 11p per litre.
  • Kinetico is proud to supply filtered water to the NHS Kidney Dialysis Service.

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