Hydration in pregnancy! Are you drinking enough water?

Congratulations! You’re pregnant! Time to look after your body. Eating well and taking vitamins may be at the top of your list but drinking plenty of water should be up there too.

We all know how important water is for the body, but dehydration can cause serious complications in pregnancy such as low amniotic fluid, inadequate breast milk and even premature labour. Some women have found that drinking water has helped with morning sickness, heartburn and indigestion. If you are vomiting with morning sickness, remember that you need to hydrate straight after, little sips of water. It also helps prevent urinary infections which are more common in pregnancy. Oh, the joys!

You should be drinking around three litres per day, more if the weather is warm or if you are doing any exercise. Drink little and often to keep the body hydrated all day. How do you know if you are dehydrated? Check your pee! Your urine should be colourless or very pale yellow, if it is any darker then it’s time to grab a glass or two. Sodas and carbonated water are likely to increase your chances of getting heartburn, so best to be avoided.

Don’t worry if you are not keen on the taste of plain water, try adding fruit or a slice of lemon. You could try making ice lollies for a refreshing treat. Fruit and vegetables such as watermelon, strawberries and cucumber will all go towards your daily hydration target.

If you feel that you are not able to keep your body hydrated enough speak to your healthcare professional.