Kinetico proudly supports manufacturer of ventilators for the NHS

Kinetico has a long association of supplying equipment to the medical sector and NHS. Recently we were approached by MPB Industries Ltd, suppliers of process control instrumentation, to support them in the production of glass flow tubes for medical ventilators as part of Ventilator Challenge UK.

During the manufacturing process, MPB Industries need to clean the glass flow tubes to a scientific level of precision. Kinetico water softening and reverse osmosis filtration equipment produces high quality RO water which is used to feed scientific washing machines, ensuring the glass tubes emerge dry and clinically clean.

Ventilator Challenge UK

Jason Bennion, Managing Director of MPB Industries commented, “For 30 years MPB Industries have been washing their manufactured glass flow tubes by hand, using bottle brushes, warm water and detergent. Due to the fragile nature of the tubes and the level of cleanliness required, we didn’t think a machine wash was possible. When the Ventilator Challenge UK project came along, we knew that we would struggle to keep up with demand when washing by hand. Fortunately, a scientific washing machine produced by Miele was sourced and specialist filtration equipment kindly loaned by Kinetico has meant that our turnaround time has significantly improved.

John Bisset, Technical Director at Kinetico commented, “We are pleased to support MPB Industries and the Ventilator Challenge UK. MPB Industries is based in a very hard water area, so a Kinetico Water Softener and Reverse Osmosis Filtration System were needed to deliver exceptionally pure water for the final rinse of the washing cycle. These systems ensure the debris of manufacture is removed and detergents are washed away.

Ventilator Challenge UK

Ventilator Challenge UK is a consortium of UK industrial, technology and engineering businesses from across the aerospace, automotive and medical sectors. They recently came together to produce medical ventilators for the NHS.

MPB Industries Ltd

We are pleased to have been able to support MPB Industries Ltd during these unprecedented times, to find out more about our Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems please click here.