Visit Kinetico at the Ideal Home Show on stand L241 on the 11th and 27th March 2022

Live More Sustainably with Kinetico Water Systems”, but how can it be done?  

As the Official Hydration Partners for the Ideal Home Show, Kinetico will take you on a water experience journey to discover how easy it is to live more sustainably! Making simple home modifications, such as filtered water on tap, limescale protection with a water softener, and ultimate endurance reusable bottles and coffee mugs all help the reduction of single-use plastic,

Furthermore, we have five water refill stations located throughout the show, saving you money on bottled water!

Kinetico at the Ideal Home Show

Visit Kinetico's Water Experience Centre on stand L241 at the Ideal Home Show to discover how a water softener can make your home more sustainable through reducing limescale. Find out how to keep your kitchen surfaces brighter and cleaner without the use of harsh chemicals. See how you can save money by protecting your washing machines, boilers, and hot water cylinders from hidden damage caused by hard water.

Want to see how well softened water works yourself? You won't believe how soft your hands feel after washing with softened water.

Filtered Water on Tap at Home

We can tell you all about the advantages of filtered water on tap and how simple it is to make tiny changes at home and on the move to help decrease land waste. Compete in the Taste Test to see for yourself the difference Kinetico can make.

In addition, for every re-usable Runbott water bottle purchased during the event, we will donate £1 to our charity "Pancreatic Cancer."

Supporting Sustainability

We’re here to combat global warming together. Water goes hand in hand with bottles – unfortunately too many of the bottles we use are single-use and are contributing to unnecessary plastic waste that is damaging the planet. Runbott offer reusable water bottles, coffee mugs, and food flasks for the next generation. Runbott have already made waves in mainland Europe and are now available in the United Kingdom. What's the big deal?

The devil is in the details, and a revolutionary inner ceramic coating is one of them. The Runbott's vacuum insulated insert keeps a drink or meal at the right temperature while also preserving the flavour. From mesmerising and bewitching to a subtle undertone, the wide selection of colours will reflect your individuality.

Win a Runbott Water Bottle

Kinetico are also running a daily “Do you live in the Hardest Street” competition to win Runbott prizes at their stand, come and try your luck! 

Live More Sustainably with Kinetico Water Systems, come and visit us at the Ideal Home Show on stand L241 (11th - 27th March 2022)

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