John and Ian Bisset in inbetweeners car and kinetico sign

Get your engines ready for the Veteran Bangers Rally 2022! Kinetico is sponsoring our senior Technical Director, John Bisset, as he races headfirst into this charity event with his brother, Ian, to raise money for Jacob’s Well Care Centre in one of the most entertaining ways possible!

Why Jacob’s Well Care Centre?

John Bisset has been working at Kinetico for around 17 years, and now he’s set his sights on supporting his brother, Ian, in crowdfunding for his charity of choice, Jacob’s Well Care Centre.

Jacob’s Well Care Centre is a church-based charity in Gosport, Hampshire, dedicating its resources to community support by providing a variety of services with free furniture, clothing and other diverse forms of aid for those most in need. Although the charity is primarily locally based, Jacob’s Well Care Centre also stands with Ukraine.

The charity extends a friendly hand to Ukrainian citizens impacted by the war by helping refugees in Sălaj County find some degree of comfort and safety. Appearing on BBC radio, the brothers said Jacob’s Well Care Centre is a “fantastic organisation [who] helped a lot of people in the community with food and school uniforms. Also, they put together a couple lorry loads and sent them out to Ukraine, so they'll help anyone."

As you can see, Jacob’s Well Care Centre does great work, so it’s no secret why John and Ian want to raise money for such a wonderful cause.

So far, the brothers have raised £450 for this charity with a goal of £2000. If you want to be a part of their incredible journey, you can donate here to help this amazing charity continue improving lives.

What Are John and Ian Doing to Raise Money for Charity?

It’s safe to say the two have decided on a less than conventional form of crowdfunding. As ex-Navy veterans, both brothers have an incredible history of service, John for 22 years, while Ian served for 33.

Because of their history, they have the perfect opportunity to raise money for Jacob’s Well Care Centre by participating in the Veterans Euro Bash this year. You may be wondering what the Veteran Bangers Rally event is all about. Well, buckle up and rev your engines, we’re about to explain what makes this event so unique.

What is the Veteran Bangers Rally?

The Veteran Bangers Rally brings together Army Forces Veterans, challenging them to drive an old, clapped-out banger around a formidable 1500+ mile route from the UK all the way to Gibraltar!

Around 100 teams are set to participate in the rally, each starting with 500 points. Though it isn’t just about racing ahead to the finish line — style matters too! The teams will decorate their cars however they wish, and more points are up for grabs if they can come up with a fun theme and design.

But here’s the catch: the vehicle can’t cost more than £500. While the roads that span the stunning European vistas are sure to make for beautiful sights, we’re not sure the same can be said for the car! The smaller the engine size and the older the vehicle, the more points our veterans can accrue.

John and Ian are set to cruise along in a very familiar Cinquecento that you may recognise from the hit TV series The Inbetweeners. The two claim they’ve “been in receipt” of a few remarks while driving this iconic banger, but as ex-Royal Navy, we’re sure the brothers are more than used to their fair share of banter.

The Veterans Euro Bash is a whole lot of fun for an incredibly good cause. We wish the Bisset brothers all the luck as they take part in this wild ride!