hard water in your business

Whether it’s chats by the office water cooler, a cup of tea or coffee from the kitchen, or washing hands, the condition of water in the workplace can seriously impact your day-to-day.

Workplaces encompass a wide range of people, from those with allergies, skin conditions or high standards for a cup of tea. Sometimes, keeping workers happy can feel like a bit of a balancing act!

At Kinetico, we understand employers are always finding ways to improve and provide a comfortable working environment for their employees.  For business owners who own an office space, consider installing a water softener system; you’ll see the improvements immediately!

Ways a Water Softener System Will Help Your Business Flourish

A water softener removes the minerals that make water hard, allowing your business to thrive without risk of limescale, brittle hair, nails or skin irritation. We go more in-depth on all the benefits below!

1. Refine Your Image with a Limescale-free Office

If you’ve ever noticed a hard, chalky substance around the rim of a tap or in a kettle – that’s limescale. This is a pretty good indicator that your building is located in a hard water area, as the minerals of hard water are so high in content that it leaves traces behind, even when not in use, which is what causes limescale to form.

While not necessarily harmful, this mineral doesn’t exactly create the best first impression for employees and potential clients alike, implying a level of uncleanliness even if your building is perfectly sanitary. Keep your workplace appliances free from limescale to promote a clean, presentable and professional image.

2. Less Maintenance

Cut out complications and stress with a water softener. Compared with limescale, which can be incredibly difficult to clean as it forms a hard coating, water softeners are relatively low maintenance, only requiring upkeep every year or even every five years on average.

Luckily, we’ve put together a simple-to-follow guide on maintaining water softeners so your system can serve the workplace for many years to come!

3. Save on Costs

Besides the unsightly appearance and difficulty with cleaning, limescale can significantly impair or damage plumbing and heating systems within the building.

Thanks to the previously stated ease of water softener maintenance, they can end up saving you money because they require fewer cleaning products to clean.

If your employees ever work remotely, our blog on the costs involved with working from home in a hard water area may also be of interest.

4. Soft Water for Soft Skin

Hard water often causes brittle hair, nails, and dry skin. In contrast, soft water is so gentle on skin that people often remark on how their skin and hair feel softer and smoother once a system has been installed.

This is especially beneficial as some employees may have especially sensitive skin conditions such as eczema. Cracked and itchy skin isn’t exactly conducive to a productive mindset, so we strongly advise alleviating eczema symptoms with a softener.

5. Boost Employee Efficiency

We all know the importance of a lunch or tea break to keep workers functioning at their best. 

Many workers will gladly tell you they need a good kick of caffeine for an extra boost or a calming cuppa to reduce stress.

Flakes of limescale in your cup are pretty unpleasant to consume. In addition, hard water has a slightly bitter or salty taste, which can be resolved with a softener to give water a subtle sweetness instead.

In conjunction with nicer cups of tea, a slick, hygienic-looking workplace, making skin and hair softer and preventing eczema symptoms from worsening are all excellent ways to boost morale and, consequently, efficiency.

Consider purchasing one of our compact, affordable and low-maintenance water softeners. Employees will notice your efforts to keep them comfortable and repay good management tenfold with productive work.

To get more advice on how a water softener can enhance your business, consider booking a consultation with a water softener specialist today.