School's out for the Summer!

The Summer holidays are just around the corner and with the weather hotting up, looking for ideas to entertain the children over the Summer can be a daunting task! Don’t worry we have come up with a few water based ideas to keep your little ones occupied!

Painting! With invisible paint

Grab a paintbrush and a bowl of water and let your little darlings paint outside with water! They can paint pretty pictures on the wall or the patio without the mess of paint. Take pictures of their creations before they disappear!

Water Fight!

Who doesn’t love a good water fight in the Summer to cool off! The perfect way to get the children outside and to use up all that energy! And as we are always aware of the environment Bunch O Balloons have made all their balloons recyclable and bio-degradable! Perfect!

Plan a mini beach clean

Pack a picnic for a cost saving trip to the seaside. Take the opportunity to teach children about the marine environment and the importance of looking after the beach. Carry out your own mini beach clean by picking up litter. Take gloves and a litter grabber and they will be entertained for hours.

Bubbles bubbles everywhere!

Adults and children love bubbles, we watch as they float up into the sky, mesmerised by their strange shapes, willing them not to POP! The Science Museum has come up with the perfect bubble recipe to create the biggest bubble and the longest bubble caterpillars. They even have some very cool bubble tricks for you to try!

Ice lolly and fruit slushie making!

Channel their inner chef and make ice lollies with them. Netmums have a great recipe for fruit cordial ice lollies, add fresh fruit for a healthy extra. To make fruit slushies add ice and frozen fruit to a blender and whizz up! Add a drop of honey to taste.

A few ideas to keep them entertained in the school holidays! Remember as the warmer weather arrives, hydration is crucial. Dehydration causes headaches and unhappy children! Always keep a reusable bottle of water nearby. Our Runbott bottles keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours and come in a range of amazing colours!