Spring has sprung

The evenings are getting longer, the sun is appearing and it’s a little warmer. That must mean that Spring has sprung! And what do we do in Spring…..Clean!! Yes, the emptying of cupboards, the cleaning of windows and the sorting or garages happens all over the country this time of year. But where to start? We have some helpful little tips to get you going! 

The Great British Garage Clean 

Hire a skip and get chucking! You will instantly feel better as you throw away all the old lawnmowers and the paintbrushes that have seen better days. Don’t forget you can’t put paint in a skip, take to a recycling centre for safe disposal. Top Tip: Use racks, hooks and shelving to display tools making it much easier to find what you are looking for! Everything has a designated space! 

Cleaning windows 

Careful up that ladder! 50% vinegar and 50% tap water in a spray bottle with a piece of screwed up newspaper and off you go! Sparkly windows! Or, softened water will leave your windows sparkly clean without all the elbow grease!  

Cleaning the microwave  

This is a great top tip, cut lemons in half and place in a bowl with half a cup of water, pop in the microwave for 3 minutes on high and leave for a further 3. Then grab a cloth and wipe the insides, the marks and spills will simply slide off and leave the microwave smelling lovely and fresh! 

Cleaning the car 

For some reason as soon as the sun comes out, we all want to be driving super shiny cars! If you are lucky enough to have Premier Compact water softener then life is very easy for you! The limescale in hard water is the reason you spend back-breaking hours polishing the car, soft water simply means that you can wash the car shampoo off and leave to dry resulting in a mirror-like finish. The trade secret of car washes everywhere. 

Tame that grass! 

Chelsea flower show is around the corner, immaculate lawns perfectly edged, with a border of beautiful roses! No, mine doesn’t look like that either and I am terribly envious! One thing we can do is give the lawn a good weed and feed and regular watering. Did you know there are many different types? According to the Royal Horticultural Society, your lawn could contain many different types of weed, and lawn food and weed killer should be selected according to what is growing. After your lawn is weed free, it will be time for a cut. If you are looking for an easy option Flymo have a robotic lawnmower! Nothing left to do but sit on your patio with a glass of something and watch!  

Clothes, clothes, clothes 

We all have far too many clothes, yes, ladies I am talking to you! Well, the newest craze to hit the UK is the KonMarie method. Marie Kondo has us all folding, sorting and organising so that we can all ‘fall in love’ with our wardrobe once more. Read her book and it will inspire you to de-clutter your life forever 

One thing that helps with many of the above problems is a water softener making cleaning your home, hair, car and appliances a breeze giving you more time to spend with your family. 

The only thing one thing left to do…find some motivation!  

Build It Awards 2018 

The Premier Compact water softener was awarded the best plumbing and drainage product 2018 by Build It Magazine. Our Twin-Tank non-electrical softener will protect your home and save you money. The judging panel said, Kinetico’s Premier Compact water softener is a clever solution to a long-term maintenance issue that affects many self-builders and renovators – helping to protect boilers and other appliances from the damaging, performance-hindering effects of hard water.” Once installed the water softener services the whole house leaving taps, sinks and shower screens gleaming whilst protecting the inside of your boiler and pipework, saving you money on costly repairs.