Take the hard work out of Spring cleaning

Take the hard work out of Spring cleaning with a Kinetico Water Softener

Every Spring as the sun fights through the clouds, the temperature begins to rise and the daffodils start to bloom, we know it’s time to have a good old clean and give our homes some much needed TLC.

This Spring, let a Kinetico Water Softener do the hard work for you!

With soft, Kinetico water flowing through your home, work surfaces and taps will be beautifully shiny and clean. Your kettle will gleam from top to bottom, no longer the embarrassment tucked away in the corner, now sitting pride of place ready to make you the perfect cuppa. Your washing machine will thank you too, with maintained efficiency and the need for less detergents to clean your laundry. Don’t forget your boiler, free from limescale it will also maintain efficiency and last much longer too, and that’s just in the kitchen..

In the bathroom, your shower screen will be watermark-free, your showerhead will remain unclogged forever, your bath will be sparkly, your toilet bowl stain-free and best of all you’ll have taps you can actually see your face in!

So this Spring, get out and enjoy those beautiful daffodils, soak up the lovely warm sunshine and leave the Spring cleaning to us.

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Stay safe, stay healthy and relax!