What’s the secret to perfect at-home hair?

Living in a hard water area, India suffered all the plights that hard water brings to the home and your wellbeing. Limescale in the Kettle, stiff towels and the dreaded dull lifeless hair. “I’d basically had limescale of the hair for three years” she commented in her Sunday Times Style magazine column.

She googled to discover numerous articles highlighting the damaging effects of hard water “there are zillions of pages about the harm hard water does to hair (and to skin, especially if you’re dry to start off with, which I’m not). Once you think about it, it’s obvious: you’re getting a build-up of minerals every time you wash your hair. On top of that, the hardness can strip your hair of its natural oils, and…apparently accelerates colour fade.”

Having her old water softener replaced with “super-duper, brand spanking new one (called Kinetico Premier, which I heartily recommend)”

India says “I had thought I had messed-up, over coloured 52-year-old locks and that unglossy, unsupple, incredibly tangly and knotty hair was just what happened. I thought it was my hair fate. Ha! W-r-o-n-g”. She figured the Kinetico water softener was the reason for her consistent “good-hair” days.

You can read India Knight’s full Sunday Times column here

And make an enquiry about a Kinetico Premier Compact water softener here

With special thanks to India’s friendly local Kinetico dealer KindWater for doing such a great job of installing her water softener: www.kindwater.co.uk

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash