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With the growing conversations regarding the state of our environment, the topic of PFASs has been brought to the forefront of social and political discussion in the UK.

Recently, residents on the channel island of Jersey have called for a re-evaluation of government policy on the levels of PFASs allowed in the UK water supply amidst concerns about the impact on human health and our environment. 

What Exactly are PFASs?

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a large, complex, and ever-expanding group of manufactured chemicals that are widely used to make various types of everyday products. PFAS are often referred to as the 'forever chemicals' because of their extreme persistence in the environment. Some forms of PFAS can take over 1000 years to degrade.

PFAS are incredibly persistent, never breaking down in the environment and remaining in our bodies for years.

What are the Risks of PFAS

A 2020 report from Scottish NGO Fidra found that PFAS chemicals are present in a range of food packaging found in UK supermarkets and takeaways, including bakery bags, pizza boxes, microwave popcorn bags and compostable takeaway boxes. However, the  highest concentration of PFASs is found in UK tap water. 

A BBC study found PFAS levels exceeded European safety levels in almost half of the samples taken. However, none exceeded the current UK safety level. 

The presence of PFASs has been directly linked to a multitude of serious health issues, including: 

  • Increased cholesterol levels
  • Suppressed immune system
  • Thyroid hormone disruption
  • Liver and kidney damage
  • Low infant birth weight
  • Cancer

So, we are left questioning whether the UK regulations allow for levels that are too high. And if so, what can we do about it?

How to Reduce PFASs in Your Tap Water

Luckily it's not all doom and gloom when it comes to PFASs in the UK’s tap water. By installing a Kinetico water filter, you can reduce the levels of PFASs in your home. 

There are a number of ways in which water filters can help to reduce the levels of PFASs as well as removing unwanted impurities, bacteria and viruses, providing your home with safe, clean, crystal clear water. 

Reverse Osmosis Kinetico Water Filters

The Kinetico K5 Pure Ultra Water Filter uses reverse osmosis to remove the PFASs in your tap water as well as a multitude of other unwanted chemicals and impurities. 

The K5 pure ultra drinking water system is so advanced it will deliver bio pure water, taking out 99.9% of impurities including bacteria and viruses. Suitable for those who demand the highest level of protection.

Reverse osmosis removes contaminants from unfiltered water, when pressure forces the water through a semipermeable membrane. Water flows from the more concentrated side (more contaminants) of the RO membrane to the less concentrated side (fewer contaminants) to provide clean drinking water.

The Kinetico K5 Pure Ultra Water Filter features also include:

  • Customisable, multi-stage filtration
  • Delicious tasting water and food
  • Independently certified
  • Purer water than bottled and jug filters
  • Simple and easy to install

When paired with our Kinetico Premier Compact Water Softener your house will have bio-pure, perfectly soft water of the highest quality. With our efficient and initiative technology, you will save countless hours and money resolving the issues hard water creates. 

Kinetico Carbon Water Filter 

The second option you have when removing PFASs in your drinking water is to install a mains carbon filter on your tap. 

Our Premier Water Filter Ultra-Filtration System has a carbon filtration element built into the system. Carbon treatment is the most studied treatment for PFAS removal. It is commonly used to adsorb natural organic compounds, taste and odour compounds, and synthetic organic chemicals in drinking water treatment systems. 

Activated carbon filters contain small pieces of carbon in granular or block form that have been treated to be extremely porous. Just 4 grams of activated carbon has a surface area the equivalent of a football field (6400 sqm). Its massive surface area means carbon filters are very effective in removing impurities in your water. 

Other features of the Premium water filter ultra-filtration system include:

  • Ultrafiltration Membrane
  • Carbon Filtration
  • Bacteria Removal
  • Compact Design / Easy To Install

Replacing Your Water Filter Cartridges

Replacing your Kinetico water filter cartridges in good time will allow your filter to run efficiently and exactly how it's supposed to. If you don't change your filter cartridges, you and your family could end up drinking unsafe bacteria and chemicals they are supposed to remove. 

For the Kinetico K5 Pure Ultra Water Filter, you can purchase the K5 Pure+ Replacement Filter Cartridges to ensure that your water filter is working to optimum standards and providing you with clean water with no extra nasties. 

Kinetico Water Softeners 

For that extra pleasant water experience, why not pair one of our water filters with our original Kinetico water softeners. 60% of households in the UK are considered to be situated in hard water areas. 

Unlike PFASs, hard water does not pose a health risk to us. That being said, it does cause havoc on our homes and plumbing due to the build up of limescale within pipes and appliances. 

If you are unsure about the type of water filter you need to prevent PFASs from polluting your tap water, you can book a home visit from a Kinetico water treatment specialist, and they will assess the water quality and your personal concerns. They will then suggest the best water treatment solution for you.

Alternatively, you can contact the Kinetico Team, and we can answer any queries or concerns you may have.