Struggling to order Block Salt?

We have had an online restriction (maximum of three bags per order) in place for a while now on our block salt and you may find that your local dealer is running low too. Why? Well the problem lies within Europe (no, not Brexit related this time). Our block salt comes from a salt mine in Holland, last summer they experienced maintenance issues with their machinery, so production stopped. On top of that another well-known Block salt supplier (they begin with an H!) also had supply issues, meaning we now have double the number of customers trying to obtain block salt. Our supplier is back up and running but there is a backlog, and with competitors still having issues, demand for block salt is high. 

Not to worry, you can use tablet salt in all our water softeners without causing any damage or impacting the quality of your water. All you need to do is fill the salt compartment up where the two blocks usually sit. 

As soon as we have any more information, we will let you know. 


You can purchase tablet salt from us here