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The benefits of Kinetico softened water

No more limescale in your home

You won't miss limescale when it's gone

If you've got clogged shower heads, stained taps, chalky shower screens and flakes in your kettle, that's the blight that is limescale. The hours you spend scrubbing away at limescale could always be put to much better use.

Unsightly and costly

Limescale is at best unsightly and at worst costing you money. Washing your clothes in hard water damages them, while limescale also costs you more in detergents and softeners - and effort!

An end to the nightmare

A Kinetico water softener will remove the limescale-causing minerals from hard water at the point the water enters your home. Soft water will care for your home and work with you rather than against you.

Brighten things up

Switch to soft water and the benefits are immediately apparent. Next time you scrub the limescale away, it'll stay gone. Your kitchen and bathroom surfaces will be brighter, shinier, and be back to looking how they're meant to.

Protect your boiler and appliances

Protect your investment

Your home is likely to be the biggest investment you make in life, so it makes sense to protect your investment. Whether you've lived there for years or it's a new home or even one you built yourself, allowing hard water to take its toll on probably your most expensive asset is hardly ideal.

Reduced efficiency

If there's hard water being piped through your heating system, it's almost certainly reducing the efficiency of your boiler. When hard water is heated, the calcium and magnesium minerals it carries clump together and attach themselves to surfaces in the form of limescale - effectively adding a rim of limescale to your pipes and inhibiting its flow. This means more energy is required to heat the water. The same goes for your kettle too.

Avoid costly repairs or replacement

With hard water, the internal working parts of your boiler can become blocked, inevitably leading to costly repairs. The average repair cost is around £250, while a new boiler could set you back over £3,500.

Total peace of mind

Why gamble with the costs of limescale damage when you don't need to? Install a Kinetico water softener system for total peace of mind.

Feel the benefits of softer skin and hair

No need to be dull and lifeless

Ever wondered why your skin feels tight after a shower, and your hair lacks that special shine? You probably have hard water to thank for those frustrations.

Beautifully simple

Whether it's the morning shave or cleaning your make-up off at the end of the day, water is an essential element of our everyday lives and beauty regimes. Unfortunately, the minerals in hard water can dry your skin and hair out instead of replenishing moisture, leading you to use quick-fix solutions that cost you more money - and time.

Soft water equals softer skin and hair

It's that simple. And there's a simple way to make that happen: install a Kinetico water softener. With our flagship twin-tank Premier Compact system, you will enjoy the benefits of soft water throughout your home, available 24/7.

The difference is immediate

Why damage your skin when you can nurture it? Eliminate the hardships of hard water by going soft - you'll feel the benefits straight away. Softer skin and shinier hair - you'll never look back.

Save money on household bills

Stop flushing money away

If you put up with hard water, you're effectively flushing money down the drain. You spend more time cleaning and more money on detergents and antibacterial wipes; and your heating system runs less efficiently due to limescale build-up, using more energy to heat your home while also damaging the internal working parts of your boiler.

Time is money

The time you spend scrubbing limescale off your taps and shower screen, unclogging your shower head and picking flakes out of your cup of tea could all be put to much better use.

It's not just pennies we're talking about

We've worked out that the average family could save up to €400 a year by installing a Kinetico water softener system -and that doesn't even take account of the potential extra expense of calling a plumber out or having to replace your boiler because the hard water deposits have taken their toll.

More efficient

Your other kitchen appliances will run more efficiently too: you'll use less washing powder with soft water, and your dishwasher will need less maintenance. Overall, it's a bit of a no-brainer - can you afford not to install a Kinetico water softener?

Alleviate eczema and dry skin

More susceptible in hard water

Eczema sufferers may never have considered the role hard water plays in upsetting flare-ups, but there's plenty of research that proves it. Your skin's natural acidic pH is raised and turned alkali by hard water, making it more susceptible to things like sunburn - and eczema.

Damaging the barrier

In a nutshell, hard water when mixed with soaps and detergents damages the skin barrier - which causes the skin to dry out - so people who are prone to suffer from eczema are particularly advised to steer clear. Showering in hard water means you need to use more soap, which can irritate dry and sensitive skin, and washing your bedding in hard water may leave an irritating residue too.

Physical and emotional

Dry, flaking skin is an unpleasant feeling, not to mention unsightly, but skin conditions aggravated by hard water dryness can also be painful - adding to the emotional toll on sufferers too. Thankfully, reducing those flare-ups and easing the pain of eczema and dry skin is within easy reach.

One simple step

You can take one simple step to protect your family's skin from unnecessary discomfort: installing a water softener is the answer. Ensuring you only need to use small amounts of soaps and detergents reduces the chance of irritation and ensures the water doesn't remove precious moisture from sensitive skin. It makes perfect sense.