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  1. World Water Day 2019

    World Water Day 2019

    Leaving no one behind
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  2. We are back at the Ideal Home Show this year!

    We are back at the Ideal Home Show This Year! March 22nd - 7th April 2019

    Come and say hello and see our award-winning Softener at Stand H545

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  3. Get drastic on plastic

    Get drastic on plastic

    Sales of bottled water in the UK reached a whopping 2.9 BILLION litres* in 2017, resulting in huge amounts of plastic waste – it’s estimated that the UK uses 35 MILLION plastic bottles** every single day.

    Not only does the plastic waste from bottled water negatively impact the environment, but energy is required to produce and transport bottled water. Many of the popular brands are transported hundreds of miles from their source, and it is estimated that the bottled water industry in the UK releases 350,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide*** into the atmosphere every year – the equivalent of flying from London to Miami 140,000 times!

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